Non-emergency Medical Transportation

When looking for a non-emergency medical transportation, there are things a person should look for. One thing a medical transportation company should provide is services for people whose medical condition makes it impossible for them to drive. For those people who are in wheelchairs, they should supply an hydraulic lift and stretcher services for those that need to ride on a stretcher. Non-emergency medical transportation vehicles should also have software with GPS in it to keep track of their drivers and patients at all times. They should also have mechanics to work on their vehicles (preferably ASE certified) and tow trucks available whenever needed in case a company vehicle breaks down. Drivers should also get proper training that includes: behind-the-wheel training, sensitivity training, defensive driving, CPR, first aid, and transporting people with disabilities. There are also certain ways to find a good medical transportation service.


When looking a for a good medical transportation service, there are ways to better ensure that a good service is being employed. One way to locate a good medical transportation company is to get references from family and friends. They can refer a patient to an honest company that makes a patient’s health their top priority. The internet can also be a source to find a medical transporter. Visit many websites and find the best service. Find out if anyone can give a good reference for the company as to how they helped them when they needed them. Look out how long the company has been in business and what kind of experiences do they have. See if they have good reviews. They should also be accredited and should provide proof of these accreditations if asked to do so. Long-distance medical transportation is often needed for certain reasons.

Long-distance medical transportation is important since a lot of patients want to go to their regular doctor when they are in need of medical care even if it is far away. The long-distance medical transportation services will provide a patient with a ride to their doctor, no matter how far away it is. They are professional, trained to meet medical needs, and will make a patient as comfortable at they require. They also get patients to their doctor in good shape. This poses more of a challenge when they are transporting pregnant women, people with fractured bones, or the elderly. Transporting these people is critical due to the fact that any small mistakes or discomfort can lead to dire consequences to their health.

Medical Transportation

An example of this is a pregnant patient experiencing a lot of discomfort and pressure or going into labor while being transported. The medical transport people have the training to keep them calm and take care of them until they get to their doctor. They keep the patient’s cool and do all they can to prevent going into early labor. The elderly also need a lot of care since their body systems and functions are very weak. When traveling long distances, they need a lot of tender loving care and total care, especially since they can have a heart attack or have other problems while being transported.

A patient traveling with broken bones or fractures also needs extra care. They are in a lot of pain. A medical transportation service will ensure that the broken bones will be properly handled to lower the amount of pain or to prevent more pain. They can wrap the area and position it in a way that will not exert any more pressure on the area. Other medical transportation are transporting people with a rare illness that need to see a specialist and care for a person that gets ill or hurt on vacation. There are also group medical transport services that make it possible for family to travel with a patient.